Some of the earliest concepts of Occitan medieval court society became part of Western culture. They were spread by the poets of the Provençal school and by Dante Alighieri itself. Among them, the concepts of  «pretz», the value which corresponds to the public recognition of the personal value; the «convivencia» meaning something more than tolerance. One of the heritage of the troubadour poetry is certainly the concept of courtly love or « fin’amor », which in the late Middle Ages established the concept of idealized love as a tool for spiritual enrichment. Then, by the writings of Dante and Petrarca and the so called “dolce stil novo”, this new approach to love spread throughout Europe deep into the feeling of Western men and women. Other concepts coming from the court heritage are «paratge», the loyalty and nobleness of soul and «largueza», generosity, the ability of giving without asking for anything in return.